Sample Term Paper

First it is important to know what exactly online games actually are. Online games are not a separate genre of games, rather they merely employ a form of technology which allows gamers to be networked and play multiplayer games. This medium has gained great popularity since the inception of the internet, however the existence of multiplayer has existed since the early 90s when a game known as Doom made it popular using the death match style of play. Today there are several ways that people play online some which require the internet and some which do not.

When we speak of the way online games do not require the internet we are of course speaking of games on a local area network. This is when a series of computers are connected to each other to allow for multiplayer games. When we speak of gaming on the internet online games can be in three forms. One is as a separate part of single player games which takes the gaming engine online to play with other players. The second is browser games which employ the use of Java or Flash and can include games which allow you to gamble. The third and final type is massively multiplayer role playing games. While it is true that LAN games are not governed by any gaming company per say, the other three types mentioned are part of an incredibly popular and growing industry.

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