Sample Term Paper

The foundation in managing stress is the realization that you are totally in control of your life. Stress management is all about taking charge, taking charge of your emotions, your work life, your, thoughts, your environment and the way you deal with problems (Smith, 2008).

Now a day’s one can find lots of unhealthy ways of coping with stress for instance smoking, drinking, overeating, using pills to relax, anger outbursts, etc. These stress reducing techniques may temporarily reduce the stress, but they can be very harmful in the longer run.

Some of the healthier ways of reducing stress are as follows, going out for a walk, spend some time in nature, spend some time with your partner, work in your garden etc in short involve yourself in some kind of a healthy activity that would divert your mind from the stress. Another very important thing that is needed to be understood is that, to ‘thing positive’ and learning to say ‘No’ whether in professional life or in personal life don’t take added responsibility. Discuss your problems that are bothering you with your family have a healthy diet, involve yourself in a hobby that you enjoy. These are some of the general techniques that are applicable for everyone.

Stress can also contribute in developing some kind of an addiction like for instance using of drugs, alcohol, gambling etc. These techniques might be beneficial for the time being but eventually they could make the situation even worse. An important thing that should be noted is that not to get yourself under too much stress, this would worsen the situation. Always try to view the brighter side of the picture; this is the golden rule of managing stress.

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