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Term Paper: Previous to the Bacon’s Rebellion the Africans and the European servants’ were quite close to each other. The tendency of marriages and other forms of relationships were very frequent between both sects of peoples. They lived with each other as neighbors and the liking disliking factor was dependent on that individual’s personality not on their color or race. Similarly the Europeans initially did not place all the Native Americans into one single category. The difference on the basis of which they distinguished each other was based on cultural differences rather than biological differences.

The Bacon’s Rebellion was a result of differences in class as well as policies of favoritism which was shown by the Royal governor Of Virginia William Berkeley. The Bacon’s Rebellion was the first occasion in which the North American whites and the poor blacks were united and were fighting of a single cause. This unity created fear in the minds of the ruling elite class and resulted in the consolidated effort of racial lines with slavery. This created a huge problem for the rulers and the strategy they formulated to stop this storm was the divide and rule strategy. The elite planned that the only way to stop this rebellion is to teach the whites the value of whiteness.

Soon after the Bacon’s Rebellion the elite class used their influence and domination of imposing legislations and laws were made which were directly inspired by racial strategy. The primary objective of this action was to tighten the voting process and they were denied in the voting of 1723.

The extent to which this racial movement was increased could be understood from the fact that by the end of 1691 the law was emended which increased the punishment of European women who married African or Indian men. Furthermore the law also stated that a white woman could be whipped or enslaved for marrying a black.

Apart from that another thing that made the cross –race unity difficult was that specific laws were designed which also increased the racial discrimination like for instance the Europeans’ were not allowed to use slaves for skilled jobs as the skilled jobs were reserved for the Europeans.

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