Sample Term Paper

Term Paper: Starbuck has become famous around the world for not only its good coffee but also because of its values and for actively involving partners and customers in its business. For farmers and local employees, Starbucks provide supports through best payments plans and benefits package. They also have fantastic benefits for their part time employees as well. Customer service has been the highest priority of Starbucks. It engages with its customer not only in store, but also on the Internet, where it maintains its presence on twitter.

Here, it answers questions from its customer, and takes into account the comments of the people and actively communicate with public through creation of an open communication channel. Starbucks also has its presence of Facebook, where it uploads videos, photos and blog posts regarding its business and environmental activities and takes pride in presenting its history (Noff, 2010). Another reason for Starbucks being famous around the world is because it offers to customer what they expect. While Starbucks cannot be said to be the best coffee brand in the world, it thrives itself in providing its customer the same taste, same quality and the same experience whenever they step into any Starbucks store. It can be said that consistency and reliability are the two most important things that give a Starbucks customer the ultimate satisfaction and allows the company to make way into customer’s heart and pockets.  It also offers a number of combinations of flavors that are often the first each season. Furthermore, the company has not restricted itself to coffee and has expanded increasingly into provide customers a more complete experience.  Customers are now able to shop for music and video and even facilitated through provision of free Internet access (Pleshette, 2009).

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