Sample Term Paper

Term Paper: Apart from that reference are also taken from private blogs which are not at all reliable. Besides this questions are also raised on the citations which are taken where the complete information of the source is not provided like for instance number 7 on the list Mitchell, Depression Decade.

These are a couple of examples from which we can analyze that there are some serious doubts on the reliability of Wikipedia. The information provided is good enough for knowledge part but for researches or dissertation there is still plenty of room for improvement. The students might get satisfy with the work but for researchers this source might not fulfill the requirements.

In the end we can say that without a doubt Wikipedia is a very good source of information and attainment of knowledge, but there are some loop holes that have been found during the research. To improve this they need to do is to properly cite each reference they use. The major problem that was found with Wikipedia is their citing process. Using privately owned blogs as reference and unpopular web pages are haunting the cause of Wikipedia. Another thing on which they need to work is to focus on quality rather than quantity. Not everyone should be allowed to edit the page and there should be a formal process through which every candidate should pass in order to add their material. Again Wikipedia is the one of the most popular encyclopedias around but its credibility has really hurt, evidence of this could be found in the research papers that the students prepare, most of the instructors strickly advise the students not to use Wikipedia as their source of reference otherwise they would be penalized. In this era of intense competition when there are so many encyclopedias available on the web Wikipedia has its own reputation as the most widely used source of information, but the integrity issues are really hurting their cause. This lack of credibility is increasing day by day and if proper measures are not taken by Wikipedia in time probably it would be very late to rebuild the image of Wikipedia in the mind of the users.

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