Sample Term Paper

According to Bullock this xenophobic activity is reflected in the narrator’s primary living environment and his daily routine of watching television and smoking marijuana. Bullock uses Eastwood’s primary argument to establish the protagonist’s actions as a defensive mechanism which in turn protects his person through the use of Panopticon or virtual omniscience.

The second metaphor, “evoked by the story’s emphasis on sight and vision” (Bullock, para. 17) Bullock links the concept of virtual omniscience with the need to establish control through visualization of the narrators surroundings. A concept so powerful, it inevitably traps the narrator in a manner he could not fathom. Accordingly such a cloistered existence requires the narrator to abandon any understanding of the physical world which may create cracks in his ego. Introduced aspects of death and blindness as well as poetry serve as examples in the thesis. Bullock explains how the protagonists continued circumvention of these aspects creates a conflict between his unconscious needs and his conscious desires. This battle is juxtaposed between light and dark   manifesting as a confrontation between devils and skeletal figures. Cathedral architecture is also acts plays into this metaphor as well as the protagonist’s dreams which he finds particularly distressing.

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