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Zoos are places where wild animals are collected for tourist attractions, with zookeepers protecting numerous endangered species from extinction. Some argue that zoos are a safe place for animals to dwell since they are not forced to hunt for food. Jameison (1985) seems to be worried about the zoos due to the issue of inbreeding. To curb this problem, there are professional wildlife managers who can help in the construction of a system that would ensure controlled breeding.

Others argue that zoos are not acceptable habitats for animals to live in because certain animals may find it difficult to adjust to new circumstances. There are two key reasons why zoos should be outlawed in order to achieve a harmonious connection between humans and animals: they seldom save species from extinction and they generate stress behaviors or a lack of freedom in animals.

For starters, because wild animals were not born to be trapped in zoos, they are less likely to be aided by them. Some individuals feel that zoos are the best location to keep wild animals safe from threats like extinction, hunting, and disease. Although this assertion appears to be true, who knows if those creatures are feeling safe, and no one wants to be confined in a small space. Furthermore, when animals are unable to exist in their natural environment, their lives are at risk, just as if they were living in the wild. For example, the zoo’s diet may be improper for them, resulting in sickness or even death.

In the zoo, animals live apart from their families, and there are generally no parents who might teach them fundamental skills that would help them survive in the wild. They may not know how to live if they are released into the wild. The argument is that they lack the ability to hunt or defend themselves against other predators. Furthermore, some think that keeping animals in zoos is good for education; nevertheless, children can learn virtually nothing from them, and it is vital to see animals in their natural habitats. According to CAPS, more than 2,800 children were questioned after visiting London Zoo, and the results of the poll revealed that many children are experiencing not just a lack of education from the zoo, but also a poor learning effect. Only 38% of students who visited the London Zoo had a pleasant experience.

In conclusion, it is evident that zoos are a debatable issue at the moment. Though the animals are kept in a confined environment, they are protected from imminent death. With this in mind, I, therefore, conclude that though the animals in zoos are in captivity, they are better placed for survival. Zoos should not be banned, but they should be constructed in places where the situation is gross.

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