Sample Term Paper

Secondly, the parents resist change in boundary as they understand it will lead to increased travel time. The parents conceptualize that as the district is spreading across town the more its geographical coverage and people increases. Therefore, driving to the school becomes hectic as some parents shall be forced to leave almost an hour earlier before school starts.

Alternatively, many families may have to move into the city or closer to the school, in order to have appropriate travel time to get to class. Third, the parents are concerned with the district crossing cultural and economic boundaries. This is in the sense that they fear what are their children likely encounters in the new schools which have been successfully safeguarded like interaction of low and upper class children and its consequences on their ideal future of their children (Sebenius and David, 2007). Fourth, parent’s dispute redrawing of the boundaries due to perceived increase in property values that may challenge family welfare sustainability. For instance, moving to a city nearby school means increasing demand for goods and services that in turn influence their value to ascend and also negative influences like pollution find their way.

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