Sample Thesis Paper

The common law authorizes the main source of ‘rights’ as civil rights. In the past decade there have been rapid constitutional reforms, it includes Human Rights Act; devolution of powers to the governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, a reform of the House of Lords and Freedom of Information Act. People of the world today disagree on so many actions and questions about what is right and what is wrong, the answer lies in completely theorized agreements on (freedom of speech, quality under the law) such agreements help make constitutions and constitutional law possible, people work better in theorized agreements as people of different societies and culture can work together on terms of mutual respect (Ratio Juris, Cass R. Sunstein ,Vol.13,issue1,2000).

The constitutional theory helps us to understand the theories of constitutional interpretations it says that nomination and confirmation of Supreme Court Justices, selection must be made on the basis of virtue , strength, of their commitment to particular positions. Constitutional theory helps us to understand decisions taken by the Supreme Courts thus giving us better understanding of constitutional law and the court decisions as explained (U San Diego Public law Research Paper, Lawrence B Solum, Paper #04-03) The explanation given by Baker, also helps us to understand the constitutional theory, how it sets the work of the constitution and how it is used to serve the aims of society, the constitution serves the legal and social framework of the society(Baker, Thomas E. “Constitutional Theory in a Nutshell”). A countries identity is defined by its constitution and its interpretations. The use of comparative and international material must be deemed appropriate or improper based on a particular judges analysis, most important is that the interpreter must have the virtue of justice, lawfulness, and legal vision, virtues of judicial courage, temperament, and wisdom.(Research Paper, Lawrence B. Solum,March4,2004).The analysis of constitutional theory  includes four theories : (Originalism, Majoritarianism, Natural law, and Pragmatism) .

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