The topic under investigation has a broad range of literature that mainly includes establishing the relationship between the tuition fees and access and persistence to education programs. However, an introduction of control variables such as labor markets and new high school graduates reveals that the relationship does not remain significant. This underscores the relationship between the tuition fees and rates of enrolment and persistence when many factors possible can be controlled so that more conclusive results can be reached. Applications for MBA programs are increasing that drives the universities to charge higher tuition fees but given the increase in fees, it is possible that application numbers are reduced. This means that the sector follows the basic mechanism of a market that is when the demand for university places increases then it leads to higher prices. However, the high prices make demand reduced.

Association of tuition and enrolment has been evaluated many times. In these evaluations, it is assessed that in which way cost influences the behavior of the student out of the college either to attend it or not attend it. The influence of tuition on student behavior inside the college is still not known for example their willingness to complete the enrolled subjects. Course-completion rate is a source through which the performance and achievement of the student are determined. Thus, this rate is necessary to analyze. It is essential to know about the procedure implemented in the less costly public college which consisted of overcrowded students in the classes at the start of the semester and no students at the end of the semester.

It is believed that is the most commonly used pattern. It is suggested that tuition will help in the instant completion of the subjects as compared to other procedures like the completion of a degree or transfer rates because these are the long duration objectives. As completion of subjects is directly related to the success of the student, obtaining a way like appropriate tuition enhances can have main strategy effects for the completion of college. Dropping the course many times can cause destructive effects on the students and decrease the chances of completion of degree by half.

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