Why do you need to write a personal statement? What is the purpose of a personal statement?  A personal statement is written when you need an admission in an academic institution. Through the personal statement, you need to convince the jury members that you are a good choice for selection. What is the structure of the personal statement? Every personal statement is divided into three paragraphs. Each paragraph needs to be written with a lot of attention.

In the first paragraph, describe why you want to pursue the related institution. You need to give strong reasons in this relation. Along with that, provide details of your educational background and other interests. You need to justify why you want to join the institution. In the second paragraph, you need to provide further details of your educational endeavors and futuristic plans. You need to convince the jury members about why you should be considered for the institution. Define your academic achievements and define the educational goals which you have accomplished in the past. In addition to that, if you have attained any professional qualifications, provide the complete details of these qualifications as well. In other words, provide details of all the achievements which can be used to convince the jury members.

In the third paragraph, you have to refine all the details which have been mentioned in the first and the second paragraph. You need to improve the appearance of the content to the maximum level. There is another factor which you need to remember. When you are writing the personal statement, talk about one academic program only? What kinds of problems can you face if you talk about multiple academic programs in the personal statement?  Talking about multiple academic programs would make the jury members feel that you are not clear about your admission. In other words, they would discard your personal statement and cancel your admission.