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Assignment on Female Stereotype

Media tends to target a large number of audiences all around the world; every individual today has an access to one of the media that is a source of communication for people to create awareness about the happenings in the world. Electronic media and print media both are today equally important for informing people about the trends in the world.

Mass media has been successfully conveying information to a large audience and creating awareness. However, often the message that is conveyed does not represent reality and is ineffective. Today with the increasing role of mass media in society the importance of media has increased and people form their views and opinions as they are reflected by the media.

Role of women in the society

The role of women in society today is more than just being a housewife caring for her husband and having the responsibility of bringing up her children. Females are today engaged in working outside the home and helping their spouses to earn a living and improve their living standards.

They strive to get the best education and struggle to get a job of their interest to ensure that their capabilities and skills are utilized efficiently and they are able to support their partners. However the identity of women that is being portrayed by the media is not a tough and strong one, rather it shows the women who are weak and dominated by the male. Movies and advertisements and also soap operas on television highlight the identity of females as a weaker gender that is dependent on men, in a male dominant society.

Not only electronic media but print media at the same time emphasize the role of women which is to provide care and comfort to their families. The role of women shown in mass media is of a gender that is emotional and sensitive and searches for a male for dependency. Although movies have been made that reflect women having a superpower, the male has the dominant role, and females tend to get attracted to men.

Women’s status in the popular culture reflects that they are simple-minded, emotional, and domesticated. This is depicted in advertisements, movies, and even cartoons, however, there are women who have proved to be successful entrepreneurs, yet stereotypes believe that they are able to target their customers effectively and create better ideas since they do more shopping than men and hence able to identify the needs of customers effectively. Yet this stereotype is not true but is socialized within certain gender norms.

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