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Movie Review on The Pursuit of Happiness

Movie Review on The Pursuit of Happiness The Pursuit of Happiness is inspired by a real story, the film follows Chris Gardner’s brief ups and terrifying downs, whose attempts to save his family from falling into despair develop into a socially Darwinian life-and-death battle. The Search of Happiness, written by Steven Conrad and directed by […]

Review: Beach at Beverly – John Frederick Kensett 1860

Beach at Beverly – John Frederick Kensett 1860 Beach at Beverly is one of the masterpieces of John Kensett. The artist emphasizes a rocky projection between Curtis Point and Mingo Beach on the Beverly shore. He chose an elevated viewpoint that lowers the horizon and intensifies the sensation of vast space. The sand-colored cliff has […]

Movie Review: Horror genre in Europe and America

Movie Review Horror genre in Europe and America Horror genre developed in almost all forms of art, especially in Europe and America. The eighteen frescoes paintings of Francesco Goya in 1819 are famous as Black Paintings made in horror themes after the invasion of France in Spain.” Symphonie Fantastique” by Hector Berlioz the very next […]

Museum analysis: The Virgin Reading

The Virgin Reading is one of the marvelous works of Carpaccio. This image portrays purity and freshness and also gives the same impact to those who see it. The artist, Carpaccio, was a Venetian painter of the Renaissance. This picture shows the Virgin Mary reading in solitude in a garden. Though, at first sight, it […]

Term Paper: Organizational employee retention

Organizational employee retention – To enhance the productivity of an organization, it is important to embark on the retention of employees. At JC casino, improving organization retention entails the ability of the company to ensure that it keeps all its employees without the risk of them joining other companies working in the same line of […]