There are many students who do not even like to hear the word essay. They hate writing essays so much that at times they completely avoid to write them. But that is not the solution to the problem. The best way to solve a problem is to face it. The purpose of this article is to highlight the dilemmas of writing essays and why students really hate this activity. Please read further to find out some dilemmas of writing essays.

Long and Complicated

Some essays are extremely lengthy and complicated to write. It is not just writing anything that comes into mind as it consists of thorough research work and being able to write with more authority. Students like to spend time partying and having fun and writing essays seem like they have sacrifice fun time.

Poor Writing Skills

Some students are not good enough when it comes to writing. They have poor writing skills and they become even more irritated when they get low grades for efforts they put in to write essays. Continuous failure leads them to give up writing essays. But that is not the solution because it can further aggravate the problems rather than solving them.

Poor Research Skills

Some students may have good writing skills but the lack good research skills. Essay writing revolves around good research work. If a student is good at identifying between authentic and unauthentic work he/she can write essays with more authority. They can construct logical arguments in a more convincing way. Poor research skills are definitely one of the core reasons for students to avoid writing essays.

As far as a student is part of academia there is no way to avoid writing essays. This activity should be taken seriously by them because their success revolves around how successfully they adapt to the academic environment.