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Body Images through Media Essay

Body Images through Media Essay: In today’s world body images are thrust upon onlookers in as vivid a way as possible. No longer are they a result of subtle innovations in the broadcasted advertisements or soap operas but are as clear as a bikini-clad woman in an aftershave ad or a man with a chiseled physique publicizing a deodorant.

These set a preconceived notion of beauty in the minds of the audience thriving upon their obsession with beauty. This obsession has its roots in how society treats attractive people. It is indeed a fact that those that are considered fortunate looking are treated favorably as they grow up (Squidoo, 2010).

Consider the school environment, where attractive children are generally more popular and are given more priority both by fellow classmates and teachers as well. The teachers have a distinct pattern of giving the cuter children more attention than the rest and pushing them harder at the same time, expecting more out of them and in turn driving them towards better grades.

In the work environment, attractive candidates seem to score better jobs with better pay and are generally kept at the forefront with jobs like brand ambassadors and receptionists; “one US study found that taller men earned around $600 per inch more than shorter executives” (Fox, 1997).

What’re more, figures suggested by the Social Issue Research Centre suggest that attractive people are found guilty less often and have shorter sentence terms.

Such notions exist parallel to the societies we live in and no community is completely unbiased in its treatment of those fortunate looking and those unfortunate looking. As a result, stigmas are formed about beauty, and people regard things that look good generally better than those that appear less attractive.

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