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Essay on Civil Rights

Essay on Civil Rights – The United States slavery period was alarming for the afforded Americans. They faced significant discomfort and insecurity from the American government and the legal authorities. The authorities prioritized the country’s population concerning race, class, and gender.

Only the White men were able to secure most of the living comforts of the white women and the other race individuals. As different areas of the United States have faced some revolutionary movements which included the antebellum, Slavery ending actions, and the freedom to live independently.

The afforded Americans achieved the main benefits regarding protecting their rights officially from the government. The main aim of the paper is to discuss the history of civil rights and civil liberties and the way they helped the afforded Americans to evolve and to get their freedom.

In the declaration of independence in 1776, Thomas Jefferson has quoted that it is a universal truth and we accept, that all men are created equal. This concept is entirely different than the one which is being implemented in the United States. Civil rights and civil liberty include the protection of an individual’s freedom in which he is allowed to do whatever he wants as well as would not be discriminated concerning race, gender, and class.

The afforded Americans were initially living in miserable conditions, and they were treated as slaves and were supposed to obey their masters. Their wishes were never considered. They were not even allowed to marry upon their choices; Before the legal implementation of the laws in favor of civil rights and civil liberties, the white Americans use to keep conditions hard on their slaves.

They were accused of even small damage, and their slavery was extended if the animals owned by the masters is being killed. The masters were not accused of also killing a slave who was an uncomfortable and insecure situation for the black Americans, and they started to prepare for the revolution and eventually won the game.

Now the afforded Americans after the civil rights and civil liberties official practice in the country can secure their rights to live freely without any influence of the government and local discrimination. Now the American nation is free of religious persecution and other social restrictions as they have the right to individual liberties.

Initially, the first officially noted civil rights movement was observed in the 1950s era in approximately all parts of the United States when the African American communities demanded equal rights to get protected under the law. Many other suffering groups also added their participation.

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