Dark tourism can be viewed in a variety of methods. It generates different multiple feelings while visiting the dark site. The perception of idealism can be produced by visiting a battlefield where the visitor can think of battling for a particular reason. Tourist feel sympathy for the victims and superiority over the culprits whenever visit the areas of brutality as it shows the extent of cruelness of the humans. A Nazi concentration camp was presented as an example of the variety of locations are the segment of national identity which makes the visitor feel proud of ‘we’ enduring contrary to ‘them’. a feeling of pilgrimage is usually assumed by visiting a socially or personally significant location. On the other hand, the feeling of spirituality is assumed while visiting the incident locations particularly when there is any link present among the victim and visitor. The experience is strong and powerful when the link between the victim and visitor is close enough. The feeling of spirituality is more than the supernatural experience that is based on the common sense of the human rather than the link to the location.

New age group of travelers is now arising day by day. Rather than tourist becoming a searcher now the travellers are converting to the searchers. They are doing so because of the encouragement which comprises of identifying oneself, eagerness to learn about the traditions of others and to understand the fauna, flora, and psychological aura of any state. When any individual wants to search it should involve risk-taking and excitement so that he can attain the knowledge. The individuals who practice decrease stimulation in their lives than they want to have a tendency of searching for stimulation during their vacations. On the other hand, over-stimulated people search for calmness and peace.

It can be referred as optimal arousal. It is refereed as optimal arousal as it searches for equilibrium among the daily life stimulation and vacation stimulation. It is assumed that by visiting to a dark site may enhance the stimulation by offering some powerful and educational emotional features. For instance, when any individual visit to House of Terror it may minimize the search of knowledge and curiosity which will provide an opportunity to find the history of Hungary and compare the present with the past. Internet, television, and film can choose and describe dark tourism with which people pass with their free time rather than traveling away from their elbow-chair. Because we care, we hurt that is why we visit to dark sites. However, people are more tourists instead of the participants. It depends on us to watch any channel on television or to switch it off. Similarly, it depends on the tourist if they want to visit the dark sites.