Sample Essay

As with any other approach the use of Software Telemetry has several disadvantages attached to it as well. For example, it is very much possible to misinterpret or misuse the software project telemetry data. Furthermore, the adoption of Software Project Telemetry approach for decision making and measurement purposes emphasize an increased use of tools to manage process and products which can incur additional cost in the project (Johnson, Kou and Paulding).


The use of Software Project Telemetry support project management decision making. Furthermore, the automated collection of data adds significant to Software Project Telemetry as it makes all metrics more comparable and current. However, there is always a chance that the data obtained through sensors of Software Project Telemetry can be misinterpreted or misused and it also increased the dependency of the project team on tools for managing process and products. Hence it can be said that although Software Project Telemetry approach does not provide a silver bullet to solve all problems that are associated with metrics-based project management and decision making, however, it does address the inherent problems found in traditional measurement and provides for a new approach to more local, in-process decision making.

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