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Essay on Gender Stereotypes

Gender stereotypes are an organized set of beliefs concerning the features of all participants of a specific grope. The definition of a gender stereotype is, therefore, a set of beliefs about the meaning of being a male or female. Gender stereotypes consist of info about psychological traits, appearance, occupations, attitudes, and interests as well as social interests. Media bias and gender stereotyping are things we should be concerned about because we act on them in exaggerated ways that bring about disparities in gender and restrict opportunities for all people. social development and social cognitive models are bases for numerous curriculums that propose that the social realms, with their restrictions on gender, are a major influence on insights of physical actions and conduct that will carry into their grown-up lives. However, parents, sports groups, and the media support gender-fitting events for youngsters.

Gender stereotyping being the theme of this essay, it is true that media favored by teenage girls frequently contain stereotyping messages about looks, relationships, and professions. Women mostly concentrate on physical appearance and relationships.  It is true that women in the media tend to talk about relationships compared to men, and their messages are stereotyping women, as they talk about grooming for instance, how to handle your marriage, how to keep a man, and more.

It is also undeniable that few women have job occupations in the media. Women are viewed as emotional and they think of attractiveness, and enthusiasm and they appear to be nicer than men. What is more, women are more than often displayed as sex objects in the media.

You could see them wearing seductive clothing, well-groomed, and all attractive. When it comes to men, their presentation has nothing to do with attractiveness. Their discussions are mostly about careers and business or politics. With this perception, teenagers and children grow up knowing their own gender and their expectations in society.

Race also influences gender stereotyping. It has been shown that most films or most people viewed through the media are whites. The next privileged people are black Americans. The rests are Asians and other races. Hollywood movies serve as channels where stereotyping of gender is projected and retained.

Although these films, although there are not necessarily responsible for forming these gender stereotypes, they play a big part in projecting and supporting them. Nigerian films can be presumed that they are supporting some of the adverse images perceived by the audience in regard to the functions of women in promoting the development of the nation.

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