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 Sample Essay on The Impact of Culture on Transforming Role of Women

Impact of Culture on Transforming Role of Women- Research that has been conducted to analyze the role of women in society has resulted in certain observations that are common to many cultures. For instance, in Western societies women have been forced into the position of a minority group, men, however, are considered to be the more powerful and dominating gender. Ene further supports this in his study of “The role of women in African societies”.

In addition to this, he suggested that after colonists came to African societies; they believed that women are more likely to be engaged in domestic issues rather than focusing on political and economic work. Moreover, he also stated that before the arrival of the colonists, African women were not treated unequally and as indicated by the western concept of women’s role in society. Thus, there is a need to examine how culture has transformed the role of gender and the ways in which education can promote greater gender equity.

Expectations that are related to the ways in which men and women behave are dependent on culture. Gender identities are important in shaping the way people or families live their life in a wider community. Recent studies have shown how culture has shaped the perceptions of gender roles. Gender roles are originated from the type of traditional agriculture being practiced by an individual’s ancestors. Research findings showed that the U.S and European immigrants belonging to societies with a traditional plow are tending to believe more in gender inequality.

Likewise, race and ethnicity, and gender can be also considered organizational principles for society, as males and females have different cultural meanings. This evidence is present in the division of labor based on gender. Certain societies have drawn a clear pattern for men’s and women’s work, in the household as well as in the community. Cultural explanations have been provided for this distinction. These patterns and explanations may vary amongst different societies and are likely to change over time.

Although the role of gender may distinguish between societies, the general phenomenon is that women do not have greater personal autonomy. Additionally, women have fewer resources and do not have much decision-making power in relation to shaping their societies and their lives. Thus, this pattern and explanation of the distinction between genders have become a significant human development issue.

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