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Sample Essay – Types of Motivators

Extrinsic Motivators:

When it comes to refrain drug use extrinsic motivation almost becomes epidemic. It plays a vital role in providing the addict a desire to quit drugs and came back to normal life. A good example of extrinsic motivation can be given of obtaining a job which would not be given to that addict until and unless he/she quit drugs (Dennis, 2007). The external reward in this case would be money. Similarly other actions like coercion, punishment, force can also become extrinsic motivators. Other type of extrinsic motivators can be loss of employment, or loss of a loved one like spouse, then financial disruptions etc.

Intrinsic Motivators:

Intrinsic motivators have proven out to be much more successful when it comes to drug recovery. This was observed with many addicts that the severe the problem was more internal motivation was there for treatment (Leshner, 2007). Apart from that the desire that arises in an individual like taking part in social activities, getting employed somewhere, making friends etc also urges the person to get rid of this habit which is keeping him astray from all this (Fowler, 2003).


Without a doubt environment plays a key role in the rehabilitation process of a drug addict. It was observed that those patients who were living in an environment which was free from drug users or suppliers were recovering at a rapid pace as compared to those who  were living in conditions where drugs was being used around them. Also if the people in the environment consider drug using as not a good thing then also it can help the patient (DiClemente, 1999).

In short it could be said that the motivational factors to refrain drug use can be intrinsic or extrinsic. However the success rate of the extrinsic motivational factors likes rewards or punishments are comparatively low. Apart from all these factors the person’s personal desires and commitment towards getting rid of this bad habit is also very important. Living in an environment that is conducive and health would also put a positive impact on the patient and the urge of leaving this would increase (Fowler, 2003).

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