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Essay: It is a collective body of persons who live under one roof, under one head often known as head of the family .A family consists of a husband wife living together with their children. In other cases there might be some other persons who would also be living with the family like grandparents’ uncles and aunts etc.

In other words we can say it is a unit of people that are connected by natural genealogical links, most likely consisting of a father and mother and their children, or in some cases some replicated genealogical links, such as adoption (Corbett).

It is not necessary that the family would only consist of a husband wife and their children; there might be a wider group of people beyond a nuclear family with whom there is a genealogical link.

Types of families:

Globally the shape of this social unit is changing. There are different types of families that could be found out now days. Some of them are described below.

  • Nuclear family
  • Extended family
  • Reconstituted family
  • Single parent family
  • Cereal packet family
  1. Nuclear family:

This is a typical kind of a family which consists of parents that is husband wife and their children.

  1. Extended family:

As written before this is the family in which apart from the nuclear family there are other members that live with them most probably the grandparents.

  1. Reconstituted family:

This is a family which is more commonly known as step family.

  1. Single parent family:

As the name suggest this family consist of one parent usually females.

  1. Cereal packet family:

Many sociologists relate the cereal packet family as an extended form of the nuclear family. In this family setup there are parents and children, the woman is a housewife and a full time mother while the man is the breadwinner i.e. he is the one who has to go out and work to feed is family. The cereal packet family is an ideal situation and this is the kind of image that most people have in their mind about a family. We can also see the glimpse of cereal packet family in most of the advertisements.

General perspective:

In general what one understands from the term family is that it is group of people living together consisting of husband wife and their children. The father is the head of the house and his primary responsibility is to earn money to feed his family. On the other hand mothers are seen as a facilitator, who supports her husband, look after the home issues and the most important role is the development and nurturing of her children (Lerner).

All in all both the parents have an overriding responsibility of the children’s education, discipline, making them a respectable citizen and a good human being, as they are the primary guardian of the children.

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