Nowadays, the world is continuously changing and due to which trends in the market and environment have become highly dynamic therefore all the businesses are forced to make them flexible and respond positively to changing the environment and remain competitive in the market. Due to this changing environment, the customer has been given a lot of choices of products and each of them has their own preference for the products. Therefore the businesses are forced to the launch products that highly satisfy the customer with low-cost products and high quality so that they can remain competitive among the competitors. For this purpose, the organizations must follow the 3 E’s of operations management which is Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Economy.


Efficiency means to get the maximum amount of output while utilizing a minimum amount of input like raw materials and labors with almost no wastage of resources. The production must be completed within or before the given time frame otherwise the organization would not be called efficient. The overall performance of the organization can also be evaluated and improved after the organization becomes efficient in producing goods and services. Dividing of the task according to the respective skills also falls under efficiency. The correct division of tasks among the skilled labors also improves the efficiency of the organization can contribute to the greater performance of the business.

Airport efficiency is basically the performance of all the operations that are happening at different departments in time with maximum output. It can be evaluated on the basis of how different departments of the airport like passport system, customer service works and how well the information is transferred to the customers. All these operations must be operating within the given budget and the satisfaction of the customers must be fulfilled without going way out of the allocated budget.