The marriage between the partners of the same sex is known as a gay marriage. Presently, there has been a lot of debate on gay marriages. It is a burning question that whether gay marriages must be allowed or not. The world has witnessed that more people are supporting the concept of marriage between the same-sex, but still there are people who oppose it. The reasons of the opposition are indeed very solid, let us have a look on some of them.

The most important reason is the religious reason. All major religions of the world oppose same-sex marriages. It is a belief in all major religions that God has created everything in a pair, and the pair is consists of partners of the opposite sex. Moreover, the life cycle of human beings will only thrive because of the marriages between different sexes. Gay marriages are totally against nature; therefore, whenever one violates the natural order established by God, he/she commits a sin and offends God.

Another reason of opposing gay marriages is the deformity of natural law. The attraction between male and female is natural. People who do not have feelings for opposite sex are deprived of the most basic level of humanity. Such people are not normal; therefore, their unusual behavior must be discouraged by the society.

Apart from the religious and social reason, the birth of a child is also an important reason for opposing the same-sex marriages. Man and woman are born with their biological differences. These biological differences enable them to give a birth to a new life. Same-sex marriages cannot give a natural birth to a child. They may use other methods to produce a child or they may adopt one. However, the fact remains the same that whatever the same-sex partners do, they can never have the blessing of giving a natural birth to a child. Moreover, gay marriages also deprive a child either a mother or a father. A child raised by same-sex parents is not going to lead a normal life, because of the absence of a mother or a father role model. Apart from that, such a child will have no blood relation with either both parents or one of them.

Gay marriage must not be legalized as it is opposed to the natural order established by the God. It not only disrupts the natural order but also sabotages the natural process of the birth of a child. Gay marriage is a union based on the promise of living together, but this relation is devoid of natural feelings of opposite sex, and the true feelings of parenthood.