It was not particularly momentous; in fact, it was childish but it sure was memorable. It was a moment of sheer elation and relief or at least that is how I felt back then. There is no feel-good pill better than the one called vindication. And as I reminisce along with my former foes, most of who have gone on to different schools, we have a great laugh and long for the days gone by.

It was the last football game played at my former school, contested between the avid players of my particular section. All year long, we played once a week and the results were roughly tallied up by that ever so reliable record-keeper, our collective memory. The day of our last match, we all were ready to fight it out. It was a fine Tuesday morning and the conditions were perfect for a violent-to-the-core tussle. We all wanted to finish on a high. I was an integral member of my team and thus determined to win. When the referee blew his whistle, I touched the pitch for good luck, and rather prematurely, had glorious images dancing before my eyes.

Some ten minutes had passed. I found myself running with the ball at full tilt towards the goal with only the goal keeper to beat. When I was about to let fly, I felt someone scythe me down from behind. I crumpled……

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