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Term Paper: Attributes of Development and Aging

Development and Aging Term Paper: Aged people include individuals upwards of 64. Edward and Carter both can be deemed aged and both exhibit a healthy aging process.

Edward has been honed by his experiences as the CEO of a healthcare center and in spite of his physical health in serious jeopardy; his mental health is in optimum condition. Through his experiences, he has derived a way to deal with upsetting news in a way that alleviates its effect to an extent that renders it negligible.

When the doctor comes in to break the news of the disease to him he tells him to get out of the way since he was blocking the TV. Moreover, Edward seems to have developed a witty charm over the years, which may be wholly attributed to his social influences or biological traits, or both.

His response to Carter throughout was riddled with wisdom and profound wit that seemingly does the job of delivering the message without rendering the situation too seriously. This sort of humorous charm is noted to be more attributable to biological factors than social, though it can be acquired or influenced by life experiences. It continued throughout in initial hospital scenes, “Somewhere, some lucky guy is having a heart attack,” (Nicholson & Freeman, 2007) as well as in places such as Hong Kong when Edward defended his inclination to be part of an orgy as, “Orgy’s not even unfaithful. It’s just . . . professional” (Nicholson & Freeman, 2007).

Proceeding all the way to the end, Edward was seen to dilute gloomy matters with wit like a professional as when he talks about religion saying, “We live, we die, and the wheels of the bus go round and round,” (Nicholson & Freeman, 2007) thereby delivering the message in a subtle yet effective way. Edward was thus headstrong and had his own guiding principles on life. His mental health, as evidenced by his wit was aging very well responding to influences and developments accordingly.

Carter seems to be in a similar boat. He remembers well the days of the past and recalls how he was advised by his professor in freshman year to make a bucket list of things he wanted to do before he died. He mentions his interest in history and how it was for him to become a history professor one day, a dream left unfulfilled because, as he stipulated, he was “broke, black, and with a baby on the way” (Nicholson & Freeman, 2007) in an Edward like retort.

His memory functions are also aging as well as Edward’s, however, his reserved nature does not allow for a lot of wit play. Apart from the aforementioned example, there were not very many other instances where he got to flex his intellectual muscle. It did affect the coffee discussion towards the end, however, while he lay in the hospital after having his cancer spread to his brain. He trumped Edward’s fascination with the rarest coffee in the world by mentioning the ominous way it is made and then laughed it off with tears of joy. Both individuals seem to have a clean slate of mental health according to the evidence provided.

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