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On the contrary, banning alcohol may bring in harm to the business. Some passengers find it frightening when travelling in the air and like to take something to calm them down. By taking small amounts of alcohol, they feel relaxed and able to reach their destinations without problems. By banning alcohol on the planes, passengers who feel frightened once on board will look for alternative ways of calming themselves down. As a result, they will take uncontrolled amounts of alcohol before they board the planes, and, this may be more damaging than if they had small amounts of the liquor once on board.

Banning alcohol may not be the solution to the incidents witnessed on commercial flights. The best way to deal with this problem may be through controlling the drinks. The commercial flights should adhere to the policies set out to manage alcohol once on board. One of these policies is that of “governing quantity or timing of alcohol consumption relative to flight” (Cook, 2005). With these policies, adhered to, limited amounts of alcohol will be served on the flights, and, this will make it possible for the crew to serve limited amounts to the passengers.

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