Since businesses occur debts and can use all means to remain afloat, Jakes does not accept the fact that his business has problems and once questioned he puts it that “I’ll make you a bet right now. I’ve got a million dollars left in my bonus, it’s yours tomorrow a.m.

You put it in KZI shares, you leverage that to the max. That’s how much I believe in this company” (Pressman, 2010). It is evident that the economic bubble is bursting and Keller Zabel Investments, (KZI) stocks are crashing to the extent of 30% a day. During real economic problems, the policy makers meet and try to find solutions that can stabilize economy. This occurs in the movie too when Zabel convenes a meeting with the US treasury in efforts to bail out KZI. His efforts are thwarted by competition and rivalry within the industry. This is evident where Zabel request is turned down by Josh Brolin who is a C.E.O. of a competitor firm.

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