Sample Term Paper

Sigmund Freud (quoted in Boeree, 5) is the phenomena where a young child becomes attached to the mother. A boy child realizes that he cannot have the mother since the father is stronger and therefore the boy has to befriend the father so as not to risk losing his penis.

On the other hand, the girl realizes that she cannot get a penis and therefore becomes attached to the father. ‘Castration complex’ plays a major role in this. In Hall’s case (Nkara, 2), he had developed an attachment to his mother. When his brother is born, he is overcome by jealousy and runs away from home. This type of relationship is dangerous in that when it is threatened or broken, the child can have feelings of rejection and abandonment. The child can make risky or dangerous decisions in an attempt to regain the mother’s attention, as seen in the case of Hall.

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