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Term Paper: Catholic Traditions | Term Paper Queen

The Protestants and the Catholics both believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God. Their readings come from the Bible. Both faiths believe in the trinity of God as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They believe that Jesus is the Son of Mary and born without the original sin. They further believe that He died so that we may be saved from our sins, and, therefore, He will come again, and this time round, to make the judgment, selecting the righteous from the sinners (Robbins, 2005).

Although both Catholics and Protestants share the same faith, they have notable differences. The clergymen of the Protestants are allowed to get married, but this is not the case for the Catholics.  The Catholics believe in Saints, and they include their celebrations in their feasts. The Catholics can repent both to God and to the priests while the Protestants should repent only to God. Catholic masses are done in liturgical fashion with emphasis on ceremony, rituals, and symbols. It also pertinent to note that the Catholic Bible contains an additional seven books (Robbins, 2005).

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