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Identify and describe the characteristics of LAN architecture.

The characteristics of LAN architecture include its topology, the access method used, the transmission techniques used to propagate information across the network, the media used for transmission, implementation of protocols as well as the interconnectivity of the LAN. The topology of a network defines how different nodes (computers or devices) are connected to each other. In other words it defines the physical layout of a network.  Typical network topologies include Bus Topology, Ring Topology, Tree Topology, Star Topology and Mesh Topology.

An access method, defines how a node gain access to the media to send its signal. Some of the commonly used LAN access methods are CSMA/CD, CSMA/CA as well as token passing. A transmission technique is used to propagate the information across the internet. There are several types of transmission techniques. These include Amplitude Modulation (AM), Frequency Modulation (FM) as well as Phase Modulation (PSK). The transmission media on the other hand, defines the media used to physically connect the nodes on the network. Typical media used on LAN include twisted pair cable, Optical Cable and wireless medium. Protocols, used on the network, define formal set of rules that govern different network functionalities that themselves heavily influence how network components are designed. The interconnectivity of a LAN is its capability to communicate with other networks to share information. It does not take into account if the information from one LAN is understood by other LANs (McLaughlin & Capriotti, 2002).

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