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Term Paper: Community, Network and Individualism | Term Paper Queen

Nathan’s essay brings out three very important terms. These are community, network and individualism.  Community refers to a social group whereby the members stay in a common specified location, have got one government and their culture and historical heritage is similar (Emerson, 2000). In his article however, Nathan refers to a community as the entire student body on a college campus. This means that every student in the university or college is a part of the community and should not feel any less important (Mueller, 2011).

Using this aspect, Nathan sought to promote the function of the universities in establishing a place for the students to interact and bond as one huge family regardless of their backgrounds. The university usually admits students into its system from all sorts of backgrounds. Thus, because of the different cultures and historical heritages that these students come from, it is the duty of the university to bring them together and teach them how to live as one big happy family. This way, it will be promoting the essence of being one community as Nathan put it in his essay.

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