Sample Term Paper

The handling of a culturally diverse workforce will require the human resource management to be culture sensitive and promote culture sensitive ideals in the hotels. For the diverse and large workforce to be effective to the change management plans of the hotel, the integration of all types of members of the society must involve orientation and training exercises (Usry and White, 2002, p.10).

Training and development of new and old employees can focus on culture sensitivity training. To gain increase culture sensitivity within the executive and lower levels of Jumeirah’s organizational structure, human resources must carry out several aspects, these are; the removal of all prejudice and discrimination, the increment of employee identity, reduction of group conflict, the integration of information networks, the integration of marginal groups and the resolution of cultural differences (Usry and White, 2002, p.11). Culture sensitivity can be attained through the use of various tools in addition to human resource tools, these are like; provision of documentaries that expose staff to different cultures, use of language training, use of field training and sensitivity training programmes and culture assimilator programmes (Usry and White, 2002, p.12). Cultural training can also take into consideration external education and training associations like Anderson Worldwide in the U.S. which can offer added team building activities.

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