Sample Term Paper

The writer has discussed number of disastrous effects caused by enforcing equality in the society he said that it morally kills the freedom of person to be superior on his skills by not giving abundant exposure for his skills. He has shown through his story how the role television is very important for implementing the correct policy as it can positively or negatively impact the audience. Additionally he also said that media shouldn’t be used to create fear in people to not fight for acquisition of rights rather, it should be used as a positive platform encouraging people to stand up for their rights and show the capabilities they are gifted with.

Part 2: Working Thesis Title

The essay discusses the seemingly desired equality among different people; it shows the conflict between what can happen when equality is imposed on a society. The paper looks at the instances where forced equality and similarity of intelligence, social status and finances can lead to unhappiness. This situation where a person is unable to use his or her right to choose and make choices based on their desires and needs and based on their experiences. Using the case of Hazel, Harrisson and George the paper indicates how they are either forced to abide by the law and how dissenters are treated.

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