The process of globalization inBrazilhas had significant effects on the culture of the kayapo populace. Primarily, globalization is an effort to unify many countries in terms of development and cultural integration (Posey and Plenderleith, p.134). With the world endeavoring to increase production using the resources at disposal, the Amazonian region hosts numerous resources.

The impact of globalization on kayapo was destabilizing as the forests began to disappear and their cultivation lands given out to miners, the kayapo culture is at risk as it is founded on the adaptation to the forest contexts. In addition, segmented provision of education gave rise to a minority group within the society of the academic elite (Mahanti and Singh, 1997, p. 139). Most of the educated members of the kayapo society migrated to the cities and urban areas further eroding the culture of the indigenous population. This also creates an elite population among the larger Brazilian communities leading to a wider gap between the poor and the affluent. The indigenous people inBrazilare typified by high levels of poverty making them vulnerable to ignorance and disease (Turner, 2003, p.156).

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