In most cases, cognitive development is closely related to cognitive egocentrism. Simply put, cognitive egocentrism can be viewed as a cognitive impairment where an individual is not capable of viewing general aspects of living from different perspectives (Berger, 2002). That way, an individual portrays a ‘self-centered’ kind of behavior and this affects his/her overall capacity to solve problems or make reasonable and rational decisions. If an individual has an egocentric impairment his/her mental capacity to make formal decisions is also affected. Egocentrism is evident in the case of a young underachiever in a multi-ethnic high school.

Underachieving of an adolescent may be influenced by many factors, especially in a multi-ethnic setting. An adolescent may come from the minority ethnic group hence they may feel threatened or alienated. The self-awareness and consciousness generated by such a feeling may lead an adolescent to develop cognitive egocentrism. They may end up thinking individually, portraying a selfish kind of character. When egocentrism combines with slow cognitive development, the adolescents’ ability to focus and excel in studies and school work is affected to a great extent. This may be reflected on their capacity to make decisions on crucial matters regarding education and life in general.

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