Sample Term Paper

The focus of EMS should be more on the delivery of service, rather than depending on external sources the EMS should improvise the available facilities and ensure quick service delivery. To achieve this objective there will be a huge emphasize on making transportation easy and accessible to the public. Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS) software is a huge support to make effective responses to life threatening situations. But the major barrier here for EMS would be a budget constraint which has already reduced the expenditures in equipments showing a decline of 25.6 percent (Cohen, Enriquez 2011).

            In 2011 the major focus from budget point of view is the operations to which 68 percent of the total budget has been allocated. Whereas, the requirements of better service delivery is to minimize transportation barriers by improving the Central Ambulance Communication centre (CACC) to make it more responsive in receiving and processing emergency calls (Cohen, Enriquez 2011). The current allocation of a budget part to CACC is 10 percent which is insufficient to meet the improvement criteria from the viewpoint of funding (See Appendix 2).

            Allocation to program development and service quality is only 5 percent of the total budget due to a heavy chunk given to operational activities. The operational area includes salaries, administration and many more. These are the costs that EMS can minimize to expand funding into program development and service quality which is the most important area of EMS. For instance, the 24 hours emergency service with readily available paramedic staff and ambulances will require investments in logistics and transportation. Another key aspect is the emergency calls which require staff on shift basis to process the information to medical cells and ambulance stations to meet an overall response time of 9:00 minutes (Cohen, Enriquez 2011).

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