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The Iliad and the Odyssey draw upon some important Greek concepts and values for the times. It uses the word “Nostos” numerous times which is taken as homecoming. This is attached with the concept of coming back to the motherland, but only after the job is completed.

The Greeks can not have Nostos until they have sacked Troy and reclaimed the honor of having Helen taken away. Odysseus apparently cannot claim Nostos until he overcomes the challenges that he faces. There is also frequent mention of “Kleos” which was the concept of glory (Harvard). This was attained through fighting for what was right and finishing it. It comes through great deeds and often the will to sacrifice personal life through prolonged struggle if necessary because glory or “Kleos” immortalized a person (Harvard). This, along with Nostos, can be very closely linked with the knightly concept of chivalry. The search for honor and glory over wealth and what seems prudent is basically the same as what the knights of Western Europe pursued later on.

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