Sample Term Paper

Always yield to Hands on Imperative

The access to computer and other hardware devices should be complete (Levy 1984). This is important because it helps in removal of any barriers between people and the understanding of the technology, regardless of how big, complicated, perilous, labyrinthine or powerful it is (Edgar 2002).

All Information should be free

The information should be free from any kind of control or ownership and without any monetary value. There is a lot of knowledge that is hidden or not made public and it needs to be disseminated. Access to information for hackers allows them to fix, improve as well as reinvent systems. This also promotes the overall creativity. From a hacker point of view, any system can benefit from a smooth information flow.

Promote Decentralization

An excellent way to enhance the free exchange of information is to have a system that is open and does not create limitations for a hacker in his quest for knowledge. For hackers, government, corporate and even university bureaucracies are representation of a flawed system (Levy 1984).

No Bogus Criteria for Judging Hackers

The ethics of hackers promote a meritocratic system in which judgement on superficial criteria is disregarded in favour of the value of skills.  Criteria such as degrees, age , sex or position are not regarded at all in the hacker community. The only thing that matters for acceptance into the hacker community is the hacker’s ability to get into the system (Levy 1984).

Art and Beauty Can be created on a Computer

Hackers have deep appreciation of innovative techniques which enable the programs to perform complicated tasks with only a few instructions.  A program is considered to be piece of beauty on its own, which has been delicately composed and masterfully arranged.  One of the catch-on activities of early hackers was to design such programs which could perform maximum work in limited instructions (Levy 1984).

Computers have the Ability to Change Life

Hackers believe that the computers give their lives a focus, enrich their lives and make them adventurous. They believe that all residents of the society can gain advantage if they can utilize the immense power that the computers offer to them. They also believe that if everyone could interact with the computers in the same way the hackers do, then computers would tremendously improve the world. Hence one of the primary objectives of hacks is to show the society that computes open up a world that has no limits (Levy 1984).

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