Diagnosis is done by identifying the cysts or trophozoites in the sample stool. The tests are repeated twice or thrice to determine the presence of the parasite and the absence of the parasite from the sample stool may not necessarily mean that the patient is not infected.  In cases where the doctor suspects invasion in other body organs, a blood test sample is necessary to determine the presence of the parasite. Trophozites are also easily identified through biopsy. The tissue samples are taken during surgery or colonoscopy.

Entamoeba Histolytica can easily be confused with Entamoeba Dispar since the two are morphologically similar but can be differentiated under a microscope. Some of the drugs used to cure the infection include iodoquinol used in asymptomatic infections. Metrodinazole or trinidazole followed by paranomycin diloxanide furoate are used for both symptomatic and chronic amebiasis.

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