Sample Term Paper

Critics also regard land grabbing as a completely immoral act veiled under the provisions of international law. Millions of hectares of land along with the water resources are being grabbed from indigenous people and peasants. Underdeveloped countries generally have poor laws regarding human rights therefore people who are thrown off the lands that are sold to rich countries are not provided any alternate dwellings. Land grabbing is causing the exploitation of the rights of a large number of people in underdeveloped countries.

Food supplies that are produced from the lands bought in foreign countries are produced exclusively for international markets. This scenario can easily create food crisis in the local markets of the underdeveloped countries. Land grabbing can also create international food crisis if the sole purpose of land grabbing is the production of bio fuels. Where on one hand economically strong countries and private investors reap huge profits from land grabbing, on the other hand, indigenous people in the underdeveloped countries are being thrown off their already shattered livelihoods.

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