Campbellwas devoting 1 percent of its sales to R&D in order to come with this product line and within two years with the assistance of the team that included medical specialists in specific diseases and other specialists came up with a product line and they conducted a clinical research on 800 patients. By 1997 when it was time to launch the company had spent $55 million already but they came up with 41 meals and mostly frozen ones which included breakfasts, lunch, dinner and snacks as well. The product was test marketed for 15 months inOhiowhere participants bought 21 IQ meals each week for $80.

The participants agreed to stick with the program for only 10 weeks and that also on the condition of a discount offered. This activity cost the company $700.Campbellthen began to provide print material that included diet advice, exercise options and changing habits. They also provided prepaid phone cards to talk to dieticians. The launch was a bit slow and was often interrupted with problems since the company had not considered the taste of the products. Often the meals were healthy but not that tasty.Campbellused above the line advertisement for this product line which included television ads, print ads and radio ads. They also had a number “800” for consumers to call and place an order. The ads promoted the product as having the unique quality of being able to reverse certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

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