Sample Term Paper

Health and medicine are the two strong parameters that define the cumulative strength of the contemporary societies. The modern health care system in the developed part of the world might be regarded as the finished product of the former complex and conservative health care system.

“Madness in the Family” written by Catharine Coleborne in 2010 is a similar account that reveals the distinction between the prevailing and the former medical and medicine practices. The foremost contribution made by Catharine Coleborne to the field of history has implicated various prominent aspects of the Australasian post-colonial era in her book “Madness in the Family”. A significant portion of her contribution engages in the implicit aspects of social and cultural histories of health, medicine and law from 1860 to 1914. Through the account she has focused her concerns on the clinical methodologies employed by the health institutions and societies. In this book she has discovered the nature of junction among the three major dimensions of a society: families, patients and the medical institutions.

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