Sample Term Paper

Paramedics, who serve the patients in and out of hospital as their advocates .So apart, from co-work they should also be able to work independently in various situations. They should have excellent judgment skills by knowing basic math measures such as difference between centigrade and Fahrenheit. Secondly, they should know about the medicines given to patients during emergency.

They should also be hostile with the patients and can lie a little which is, legally allowed to give courage to patients. The lines should make the patient confident about the treatment such as; that the wound is not big it’s usual and etc.

In addition to that, they should also be able to report in writing and verbally about the data of the patient for immediate assistance by doctors through laptop. Paramedics should be able to:

  • Deal with patients, by taking emergency calls from dispatcher to give immediate care to serious.
  • They should be able to, drive the ambulance safely by reading map. Along with that, understanding the locations directed by radio or dispatcher is also important.
  • He/she should be able to recognize dangers and should also be able to, identify priorities among the tasks to be accomplished. With compliance to the fact that patients should always be given the highest priority.

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