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Self Management Competency Selected


Stress Management & Personal Resilience

One of the fundamental measures and components that need to be considered in this category is that a person in order to manage or lead a team that works under his / her subordination, must first possess the ability and potential of managing himself / herself in a proper an appropriate manner. The process of self-management includes various factors which comprise of characteristics like punctuality and above all the application of methods and strategies that help in achieving goals in the most convenient way possible.

My ability of Stress management and personal resilience is balanced and normal. I:

  • used to relax through meditation or regular exercise
  • Say no to unacceptable work overloads, stand up to the boss, and delegate responsibility to subordinates
  • building resistance to stress through regular sleep, good eating and health habits, and discussing the stressful situation with coworkers, family, and friends
My priority for improvement in this area is:

  • Managing stress through performance feedback and clear job expectations, job decision latitudes, and social support
  • Improve techniques like having other interests, maintaining a sense of humor, keeping in shape, keeping a balance in life, deciding not to let things bother and not taking matters too seriously

These improvements would help me to improve my stress management and personal resilience skills.


Goldstein & Strube, 1994


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