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Researcher will also extract the respondent’s information of their home, education, experiences and other significant personal information of the subject (of this study) as well as some relevant insight into the process. Interactionism is otherwise known as phenomenology– a methodology to uncover and describe the meaning of lived experience by analyzing the respondent’s narrative descriptions.

George Mead (1934) and other interactionists believed that language and symbolic communication move to people to address and respond to others depending on how they interpret social situation. Under the philosophy of phenomenology, the self is the source of knowledge and the person take a significant function to interpret the signs as an item of his experience (Schultz, 2002). Theorist assailed that phenomenology emphasizes the close observation of human experience and the ways in which the basic categories of understanding are formed (Schultz, 2002). The confluence of theories and methodologies will be utilized to further the exploration on how an Afghan person ably contributes to ISAF’s mission and to examine how the role of the Afghan interpreter governs experiences within the ISAF Headquarters as translator of English, Pashtu, and Dari languages used in Kabul and throughout other provinces of Afghanistan. In sum, little is known about the Afghan interpreter/translator and how these individuals are able to act as cultural advisors amidst individual and collective diversity.

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