In ‘To my last period’, Clifton, writes a poem to her period. She deviates from usual writings by giving her periods a personality. She writes the poem in a nostalgic tone, as if addressing an old friend she is reluctant to let go off, despite the fact that the friend might have come with a lot of problems (for example cramps, bloating and back pain).

In ‘Menstruation at 40’, Sexton tackles the same issue of menstruation. On her part however, her period is a stark reminder of the fact that she does not have a son. She says, ‘I was thinking of a son/you! the never acquired’ (15-16). Her poem is written with a sadness that denotes her fruitless efforts to get son. However, by her 40th birthday, this is still a fact that has been unachievable as she has three daughters. Evidently, the society she lives in is not pleased by that fact. She says in lines 32-33 , ‘I myself will die without baptism/ a third daughter they didn’t bother’.

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