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Term Paper: Seeking help from Therapist | Term Paper Queen

The therapist, when I played the client, was very understanding and asked questions cautious not to anger me. She made sure that she framed questions that were relevant to the context and following each other in systematic way. The question I gave to a certain question led to the next question. In case the answer I gave was not satisfactorily, she made sure that she reframed the following question to bring in a more satisfying answer.

However, there are times I gave answers that I wished I needed encouragement but all she could tell me was ‘ok’. I felt this was more reluctant comment as if she was not listening to my response. Even though she asked both open and closed ended questions, I felt that she sometimes asked leading questions in which it seemed like she wanted certain type of answers. For instance, when she asked me why my friends discriminated me, she expected me to admit to this but I had a different opinion because I do not think that the ones who discriminate me should be my friends.

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