In explaining the sibling position concept, Bowen Bowen adopted Toman’s conceptualization about the position of the family constellation and sibling. Toman highlighted that the birth positions were fixed and were also ordinal in nature.  According to his argument, Toman believed that the position of a family member played a huge role in determining the power of each spouse in relationships. He also pointed out that the gender experience also did play a role in determining the ability an individual to get along with the other sex (Archus, 1995). The relations between the siblings, determined mostly by their age differences, did determine the relationships.

Thus, from this conceptualization, the older siblings did relate better with the younger siblings. The older siblings did not find it easy to relate with the other older siblings, and this case also applied to the young ones. In such a case, both parties would be seeking to gain the power in the relationship, thus leading to a conflict.

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