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They do not consider the drug a disease rather only a symptom with other symptoms including obsession, compulsion, denial and self centered fear. The steps that are involved in this therapy start with admitting that a person cannot control his/ her addiction. The second step is faith in a higher power and the strength derived from it. This is followed by examining all of your past failing and seeking repentance for them. This is followed by living with a new code of behavior and aiding others who may suffer from the same malady.

The mental portion of the therapy regards the treatment of the individuals thought process to remove the destructive and compulsive behavior that exists. The first step re-iterates that the individual has no control over his own actions. Spiritually the problem within the individual is considered to be selfishness. This is included to allow the individual to develop a moral core through a religious experience. It draws on its twelve steps and traditions in order to maintain its anonymity and does not consider outside opinions or issues. A study of people attending this program for 6 months found that only 22% of them had taken an illegal drug after having attended the program while 44% who attended the program less than once a week had a usage rate of 44%. The twelve step program also takes a pragmatic approach to the problem of drug abuse. They also place an emphasis on anonymity and the concept that an individual cannot recover without the aid of the group or their spiritual beliefs (Fiorentine, 1999).

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